Presentations R Me

I mentioned it in yesterday’s blog post and realized I hadn’t discussed it before. I had done a presentation on line with Lync and although Lync does do recordings, the presentation was pretty dynamic with questions coming from the participants.  In order to make the presentation efficient for folks who […]

You can lead a horse to water…

So on Monday morning (Family Day holiday here in Ontario), I ran across the following tweet: @principalspage: Can you teach someone how to teach? And I replied with the cliche @sig225 You can lead a horse to water… Much like any skill, you can teach (or, more specifically, go through the […]

Padlet née Wallwisher, Part II

Well I’ve spent a considerable amount of time responding to the feedback on Wallwisher; the students have definitely found it convenient to have a space to voice their concerns.  While I began it as place to talk about improvements to our OneNote Binder system, the students definitely did not feel […]

It’s too far to walk

I heard this twice yesterday. From two different sides. Both were about venturing into a different space. I have my feet in two distinct camps, that of the IT Department and that of the faculty.  And I heard the exact same words coming from both. It’s too far to walk.It […]

PD, en masse, for Lync

One of the adaptations to the schedule that began last year at school was the addition of an hour of “meeting time” available every Wednesday morning.  Now, it is often consumed by department meetings, a (incorrectly named) PLN and faculty meetings, I do occasionally get some time to do some […]

It’s not you, it’s me

I had a nice conversation with a colleague here … chatting with teachers in the summer is always fun because everyone is relaxed but at this time there is also the anticipation of getting back into the classroom, so there’s a great energy. He mentioned my new job and said […]

Allowing for change

When I was interviewing for this position, one of the things I wanted to make clear was that when it comes to teacher-change, I wouldn’t proceed too aggressively until I had dealt with the issue of time-and-space. Teachers at our school are extraordinarily busy; they wear many hats (teacher, coach, […]