Changing directions

(I thought I should squeeze this in given a link from a popular blog, Continuous Everywhere.)I closed off my teaching this June for a year; in the fall I’ll be returning to life as a PhD student at OISE, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of […]

Made the paper!

Okay, I didn’t quite make it into print… but the electronic version isn’t half-bad. I was working on the waterfront when, during one of those brief-but-violent thunderstorms, a sign fell onto the walkway, narrowly missing a number of pedestrians. So I got to stand in the rain to make sure […]

Where is everyone?

While I admit to being quickly on board most things (except the iPad, that is… that’s a tool for my 65-year-old Mom) I’m disheartened by the slow pick up of online learning networks (via Twitter, Ning, Facebook, etc) by my colleagues. We’re a 1:1 school and the faculty are pretty […]

Conway’s Law

I ran across this a few weeks ago; now I’ve got some time to put some thoughts down: Conway’s Law…organizations which design systems (in the broad sense used here) are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations. Link Now, this isn’t a law […]

But I like the cookie…

One of Seth Godin’s recent blog posts (The Reality of Digital Content – lose the cookie, lose the fortune) has been reverberating in my mind over the past week. What happens when the people with great ideas start organizing for themselves, start leading online tribes, start creating micro products and […]

PodcampTO 2010

Another little conference this weekend; close to home, fortunately. It turned out to be a lot of same-old, same old though: The powers-that-be don’t want us to use social media, or if they do, they haven’t a clue how to do it they just want a Twitter account or Facebook […]

My Olympics Contribution

Fortunately, we’re doing slopes in our MPM1D course and I knew I’d be away for Educon for a day so I continued the adaptation of a slope assignment from last year. Last year things were strictly 2D. First, they went into groups, each with two sheets of blank 8.5×11. On […]

Online assessment

Sorry… I forgot I was supposed to write things here 🙂 And thanks to David Cox’s recent post on ExamView to prompt me to return to writing … not to mention that I’m at Educon this weekend and everyone there is a prodigious blogger. But back to ExamView. ExamView seems […]