I am an impatient man

I admit it. I harass people who put on conferences, seminars and talks on mathematics, education and technology and then don’t stream or video-archive them. Given the size of our country and the cost of travel between major and minor centres (not to mention the whole green aspect of the […]

Why I hate Sharepoint (reason #3)

I have given up on Sharepoint but school policy says I have to provide a link to my new resource. As it happens, there is no Webpart that allows me to quickly create a link. I can make an IFRAME and put the webpage inside it but I can’t just […]

Google Docs and Box.Net

So far, so good. Fingers crossed. Wood knocked. I’ve massaged Google Docs into the Grade 8s and the Model UN club; at this rate I’ll have about 20% of the school covered by the end of the month. I’m slowly trying to win the school over. Already one of the […]


Okay.. it’s taken me since September but this was the first math class of my Grade 9s where I was convinced that they ‘got it’.  Not in terms of the math content; these kids are pretty bright.  But rather in terms of how one learns math, how they collaborate, share, […]

Why Smartboards?

I really have to question the continued emphasis on Smartboards… if you’re a teacher (well, high school teacher at least) I’d strongly recommend you consider investing in a good tablet PC and wireless projector.  For the price of the Smartboard, you could likely pick up a couple more tablets or […]

What a beautiful day…

One thing LiveJournal has is a nice space to automatically put the music you’re listening to… here I have to do it manually… U2, Beautiful Day.Anyways… what makes it s0?1) 10C, rain in the morning… means riding the motorcycle later this afternoon & tomorrow!Oh, but then there’s the professional part2) […]

Google Docs

So I’ve been playing a bit with Google docs in a few classes…1) Grade 8s. A communal document for review… I distributed review questions to each student and they wrote out the solutions in OneNote and clipped them into our Google Doc for everyone to see. I used the comment […]